Archie is a 12 month old golden retriever boy, currently fostered in Derbyshire.

Archie is a lovely boy in many ways but will need an experienced, patient handler who is prepared to continue working with him.

We think he is from working lines and would benefit from ‘having a job’, possibly doing agility/ training classes and having an active daily life!

Archie was relinquished to IRR as he became too much to handle for his family.

He is very high energy and can be very vocal. He can also be destructive if left on his own for too long.

He sits, goes down and gives a paw when there is a treat, but is a bit stubborn otherwise. He walks well once out and has learnt to walk to heel with ‘back’ command, he loves a tennis ball to tire him out.

He trusts enough with exchange after a while to drop at your feet and now does this.

He is very affectionate but can be possessive over people.- he has no social skills with other dogs. He goes for dressing gowns or hanging ties and grips them, he mouths sleeves and hands.

He sits or lies down whilst out. He can be really unsure of people and dogs and can bark at them when walking, but can be distracted using treats.

He is incredibly excitable in the morning and needs to be calmed down otherwise he gets a bit out of control. He would do really well in a house with no other dogs or children or with a very confident dog who will stand up to him.

Due to the fact that Archie can be very reactive to noise / new things we think he would be happier in a more rural home with at least one other friendly playful dog to play with, give him confidence and show him the ropes.

No children or cats for Archie please!

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