BAILEY 5 year old Golden Retriever boy fostered in Derbyshire.

In most respects Bailey is a delightful affectionate and sociable 5 year old boy ( he will be 6 in June) .

Bailey is a delightful boy, he is very loving and affectionate, he loves to be loved and will seek out cuddles and ear rubs at every opportunity. He can be persistently demanding in this area.
Bailey demands your entire attention at the detriment of everything and everyone, human and furry.Visitors are quickly ingratiated and he will cuddle up close and enjoys the one to one attention he receives.On his walks out he has met lots of dogs of varying sizes and hasn’t displayed any aggression to any of them what so ever. Bailey came with the reputation of being an escape artist and this reputation is deserved if he is given the smallest of opportunities’. He hasn’t to date made any attempt to leap over the 6 ft fence round the garden so he now we has the freedom of the garden off the long lead he was initially on . He is very agile and fast on his feet.Bailey is very rarely heard to bark, even when the resident dogs bark he doesn’t join in.He isn’t a greedy eater and will only eat as much as he wants. He is housetrained and happy to be left for a short time.Initially we feel Bailey would be better as an only dog ,while his social skills are worked on and certainly not in a household with small children, not because of any aggression issues but purely because he is like a bull in a china shop and could unwittingly hurt a small child.We know that with plenty of exercise, training and guidance Bailey will become an affectionate loyal family member.Any interest in this lovely lad please email can be completed on our website

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