Ben is a 12 year old golden retriever boy relinquished to the rescue because of a change in his family circumstances.

Ben has gone to live with IRR Izzie, an older girl who is almost blind. His new mum says…

“Ben is settling in really well and Izzie has taken on a new lease of life, so all good. He is, at this moment, trying to nudge my arm to get in closer and stop the writing of this email. In fact, he has been much more settled in the evenings, on the whole.

We are still trying to keep him off the sofa. found him lying on the sofa with his head on the laptop. Whoops! His back legs are weak at times and this is noticeable as he gets off the sofa. He has pinched a few things, but nothing too serious.(A bag of flour off the shelf-he didn’t enjoy it much.)

Ben is such a loveable boy and so lovely to have around. We love his nudging technique and his happy wagging tail. I was away for three days last weekend and I really missed him!

I took anic photo of the pair of them today-a gentle tug of war with the toy bone. Also, Izzie on the hunt for her soft toy, went completely under Ben! They seem so at ease with each other. We keep a watchful eye on them, but do not expect any problems.

Today he has been lying out in the garden with me, tok himself into the shade”.