Please meet darling Dylan, surrendered to the pound at only 10 weeks old by his breeders because he was “wobbly”!

Another small Irish rescue took him under their wing but was very quickly out of their depth as the extent of his problems became more apparent and IRR was contacted for help.

Then only 4 months old, officially called “Mr Wobbles”, in stumbled Dylan with very clear ataxia and proprioceptive defects, clearly in need of further neurological investigation, not to mention a more dignified name!

Over 2 months, under loving and patient foster care, further investigations both medically and behaviourally were carried out to ascertain just what the future held for our boy.

Scans and tests have identified the following:

  • Dylan is blind
  • Dylan is deaf
  • Dylan has multiple brain abnormalities (large congenital quadrigeminal cistern cyst, congenital hypoplasia or abiotrophy and lack of septum pellucidum and corpus callosum)

In layman’s terms, our boy is essentially mentally disabled, he has an underdeveloped brain, a cyst that is compressing the brain he does have, which also has abnormalities.

What does this mean for our boy?

Despite worrying multiple diagnoses, the prognosis is much better.

His lifespan is anticipated to be normal with no further deterioration, he will however have no medical improvement. He will require further monitoring of the cyst via more CT scans in the future.

Life is going to be challenging for Dylan who will remain the eternal puppy, but with a patient loving family, we know he will excel.

We were thrilled, thanks to the assessments of his wonderful fosterers, that we have been able to find a forever home for this special boy with a family we know very well, who have experience of brain-damaged dogs and we know are well equipped for the challenge and will succeed.

Unfortunately, due to the array of issues that Dylan has, the list of excluded conditions on insurance is likely to be extensive, if anyone will insure him at all! But as you know, that is something that his new family will not have to worry about as IRR will cover ALL pre-existing conditions.

Can you help?

Any donations towards Dylan’s medical care would be greatly appreciated and can be made by Paypal to

or direct Bak Transfer:

Lloyds Bank
A/c name: Irish Retriever Rescue
A/c number: 27769160
Sort Code: 30-99-29