SCOUT, our 6 year old Golden Retriever boy is doing well with his fosterers in Scotland and as you can see from these recent photos he’s a much much happier boy!

We’ve slowly reduced his epilepsy meds and he’s now on a much lower dose and responding well and is still seizure free!

The “growly/snarly” behaviour is still there and although it can be a bit unnerving to witness, his fosterer thinks it’s partly to do with the way he communicates ( he has two very distinctive growls). This means that Scout needs a VERY SPECIAL adopter with no children or pets. Although he’s living comfortably with 6 resident dogs at the moment his behaviour can sometimes be quite intimidating for them.

PREVIOUS HISTORY: Scout is moving to our behavourist in Scotland so we can get more of an insight into his behaviour. We are confident he’ll make good progress and will keep you updated.

Scout is looking for an adult only home with no visiting children or other dogs. Scout has epilepsy which is well under control with medication. He has had no seizures while he has been in IRR care. Sadly he also has behavioural issues which any adopter would have to work through, possibly with the help of a qualified behaviourist.

Scout is clean in the house. He’s not food aggressive (you can take his bowl from under his nose). He’s well behaved around the fosterers’ ducks and chickens. He lets his fosterer clean his ears and check his teeth with no problems. He walks well on a lead and he’s happy to share his walks with other dogs.

He’s a cuddle monster. When he has tablets he comes and sits down and lets his fosterer put them in the back of his mouth without any fuss. He’s quiet at night. Unfortunately Scout can growl and snarl at his fosterers for no apparent reason, although he’s never bitten. We are unsure if this is down to his epilepsy or possibly the medication he’s on which may be making him feel a bit “odd” and although he quickly stopped doing this to his foster mum he has continued to behave this way to his foster dad.

In between these episodes he can be a very loving boy. Scout can also intimidate the fosterers’ dog by growling at him in the house, although he’ll chase a ball with him in the garden!

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