Tasha is now in her forever home and, to nobody’s surprise, she has stayed with her devoted fosterers, Paula and Steve, whom she totally adores.

Everyone at IRR will be eternally grateful for all the care and attention her wonderful fosterers gave to Missy in the weeks leading up to her operation and the miles of driving undertaken, not to mention the sleepless nights worrying about their baby girl.

Now, have a long, healthy and happy life, little lady.


Tasha (was Missy) was just 8 weeks old when she arrived in foster care after we were contacted by her breeder looking for help to ensure that this “imperfect” girl received the perfect home.

Missy was what is known as a “wet puppy”, she had a condition called ectopic ureter, an embryological error in the development of this tract. Instead of connecting to the bladder, the ureters connect to the urethra, the vagina, or even the uterus.

This means that Missy was totally incontinent, this in turn causes additional complications such as infections and urine burns.

It is possible to correct this abnormality through surgery and in order to give this girl the very best chance at a normal happy life free from pain or infection we launched an appeal to raise the £5.5k we needed for diagnostics and surgery.

Read more about our appeal for Missy.