This questionnaire is to assist us in selecting the most suitable dog for you. 

Please note that you can indicate your preference for any of the dogs currently featured as ‘Seeking’ on our website or Facebook page or complete the form as a general application and your details will be held on file for a suitable match.

Please complete all parts of the form and include any other information which may be relevant.

Once your Adoption Application is received, it will be acknowledged with a brief explanation of our adoption process.

Once the adopter and the rescue agree on a possible match, we can arrange your home check. It is important that the home checker meets everyone living in your home and they may bring their own dog(s) with them, in order to complete their evaluation. They will be keen to see where the dog will sleep, and if the environment is safe and secure and conducive to a dog’s happiness and wellbeing.

Please note that should your home check be successful and we agree to rehome a dog with you, you must agree to return the dog to us should you be unable to keep the dog for whatever reason.

Useful Notes/Things to Consider:

  • A dog is a long-term responsibility and therefore you must ensure you have the financial means for supporting the dog throughout the whole of its life. All medical costs are the responsibility of the adopter unless there is a medical exemption agreed to in writing by Irish Retriever Rescue at the time of adoption.
  • We strongly recommend taking out Pet Insurance for your dog.
  • Feeding: we recommend the BARF (bones and raw food) diet. To find out more about this method of feeding, we recommend a book by Dr Ian Billinghurst ‘Give Your Dog a Bone’.
  • Vaccinations: our dogs have all the necessary vaccinations, parasite/flea treatment/microchip required for them to travel from Eire to the uk. The details will be in their pet passport which will be forwarded to the new owner 2 weeks after adoption. Thereafter it will be the adopters’ decision to either continue with yearly vaccinations or use our preferred safe titre testing/ natural flea, tick treatments etc.
  • The minimum donation per dog will be £300 to cover any treatment, food, transportation, etc. This does not cover the full cost of rehoming a dog. However, we need a minimum donation in order to at least recover some of the costs as at this stage we do not receive any form of funding. Please note that this donation is non-refundable and must be received prior to or on the day of collection.

Application Form

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