1. He/she shall be kept in the house, as a member of the family, at all times.
  2. Food, water and shelter shall be provided for him/her at all times.
  3. All veterinary treatment necessary for him/her shall be provided at all times.
  4. It shall be ensured he/she has regular exercise.
  5. The garden/home shall be a secure area and it will be ensured that he/she cannot escape at will.
  6. He/she shall not be left alone for more than 3/4 hours on a regular basis.
  7. Irish Retriever Rescue shall be contacted in the first instance should there be any problems relating to him/her.
  8. Any dog from Irish Retriever Rescue shall not be bred from, nor used for any purpose other than as a pet (obedience/agility etc with the right dog is, of course, very much endorsed).
  9. Should he/she be unable to be kept for any reason, he/she must be returned to Irish Retriever Rescue.
  10. He/she shall be micro-chipped and at all times have appropriate collar ID displayed in the event that he/she should become lost or stolen.
  11. It is accepted that Irish Retriever Rescue are in no way responsible for any behavioural disorder he/she may develop and all rights to claim from Irish Retriever Rescue are waived.
  12. It is accepted that LEGAL ownership of the dog remains with Irish Retriever Rescue.