1. The dog shall be kept in the house, as a member of the family, at all times.
  2. Food, water and shelter shall be provided for the dog at all times.
  3. All veterinary treatment necessary for the dog shall be provided at all times.
  4. It shall be ensured the dog has regular exercise.
  5. The garden/home shall be a secure area and it will be ensured that the dog cannot escape at will.
  6. The dog shall not be left alone for more than 3/4 hours on a regular basis.
  7. Irish Retriever Rescue shall be contacted in the first instance should there be any problems relating to the dog.
  8. Any dog from Irish Retriever Rescue shall not be bred from, nor used for any purpose other than as a pet (obedience/agility etc with the right dog is, of course, very much endorsed).
  9. Should the dog be unable to be kept for any reason, the dog must be returned to Irish Retriever Rescue.
  10. The dog shall be micro-chipped and at all times have appropriate collar ID displayed in the event that he/she should become lost or stolen.
  11. It is accepted that Irish Retriever Rescue are in no way responsible for any behavioural disorder the dog may develop and all rights to claim from Irish Retriever Rescue are waived.
  12. It is accepted that LEGAL ownership of the dog remains with Irish Retriever Rescue.