Charlie is an 18 month old boy fostered in Lancashire.

Charlie is a very small golden retriever about the size of a springer spaniel and weighing under 20kg. He was initially described as being fearful of people, men in particular but after a couple of days in foster he settled in and became very cuddly soaking up any affection offered like a sponge!!

He is fearful of sudden movements or loud noises which can send him scurrying away, but this is improving daily as he becomes more confident. He will also shy away when you go to attach the lead to his collar.He has been super friendly with the fosterers’ three bitches and plays well. He’s not too bad on the lead , wanders around a bit unless its a short lead, and stops to sniff every few yards but otherwise fine.

He has so far greeted other dogs out on walks politely. He is housetrained but marked a bit initially when he first arrived. In the house he will settle quickly especially if he can lie next to you on the sofa!

Healthwise no issues, a bit on the skinny side but eats well. No sign of resource guarding with people or other dogs. All in all a super little dog.

Charlie will need a home with at least one other resident dog.

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