Beautiful Coco has now found her forever home and we wish her a long and happy future.

Keep in touch, Coco!

COCO is an 18-month-old chocolate Labrador bitch fostered in Carlise.

Coco is settling well into her foster home with 2 older golden retrievers and a 7-month-old GR pup.

She is happy to play all day with anyone willing but can play quite roughly and get over-excited. We expect this to calm down over time and although she’s somewhat over-exuberant she is never aggressive!

Training is going well she will sit and wait for a treat with the others and doesn’t snatch when it’s offered. She would probably be fine with teenage children but a bit too bouncy for little ones!

She sleeps quietly in the kitchen at night and traveled well on the 3-hour journey to her foster home.

On the lead, she walks well with no distractions, but if she sees another dog she becomes very excited and pulls towards them. As not everyone wants to play this is something that will need to be worked on!

Overall Coco is a lovely young girl and a typical Labrador youngster looking for guidance and boundaries to make up for her lack of early training!

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