Update 22 November 2020

Lorraine wrote, “Not only did we reach our target, we far exceeded it thanks to the tremendous support we receive from our supporters every time we ask for help and as a result, this little girl is being given every chance to live a normal long and happy life.

Her fund currently stands at £6,808.01, made up as follows:

Direct Donations to IRR: £3,342.01
Proceeds from Auction: £1,395.00
Proceeds from Raffle: £754.00
The Laxton’s challenge: £1,317

Missy has now had her appointment with the specialist who confirmed the best possible news with no nasty surprises. Both kidneys were normal and she had one normal ureter and one ectopic. She underwent surgery to rectify the abnormality on 20th November and the surgery went as well as can be expected. We now have a stressful 2 weeks before the long-term success is known.

One week on Missy is still dry and is a normal, very happy little girl.

As you may know, IRR covers pre-existing conditions for all dogs so any excess funds will be held for any future care required for Missy post-surgery.

A huge, huge thank you from all of us at IRR, but, most importantly, from little Missy to each and every one of you that donated a single penny, held a fundraising event, bought a raffle ticket or bought or sold on the auction page over the last few weeks.

Whilst we appreciate everyone’s support for little Missy, I’d just like to give a special thank you to 4 special childen:-
Lily Butler for spending her own money to buy an item for the auction page which raised £50
Ben, Toby & Kate Laxton for their mammoth 200-mile challenge which has raised £1,317

It’s so heart-warming and inspiring to see the next generation of dog rescuers already making their mark, especially during these worrying times for everyone”.


Appeal to help Missy

Just look at this face, isn’t she just perfect? Unfortunately, whilst she looks perfect on the outside, she was born with a congenital defect which requires surgery to correct.

Missy is just 8 weeks old and has just left her littermates and arrived in foster after we were contacted by her breeder looking for help to ensure that this “imperfect” girl received the perfect home.

Missy is what is known as a “wet puppy”, she has a condition called ectopic ureter, an embryological error in the development of this tract. Instead of connecting to the bladder, the ureters connect to the urethra, the vagina, or even the uterus.

This means that Missy is totally incontinent, and this in turn causes additional complications such as infections and urine burns.

It is possible to correct this abnormality through surgery and this is what we intend to do to give this girl the very best chance at a normal happy life free from pain or infection.

Unfortunately, this does not come cheap, from quotes already received, we are looking at a minimum of £5.5K for diagnostics and surgery.

Missy (now Tasha) has found her forever home.